Monday, August 11, 2014

Too Late Is Never: An Introduction

Not so long ago a dear friend convinced me about making little time capsules to flow around the World, which He labeled "immortality projects". The main reason for these, He argued, is leaving a personal point of view towards the World, frozen in time. A few frames of a personality left afloat between other minds who could access them for the better or worse.

The form of an immortality project doesn't really matter – as long it has a relatively lasting imprint in the World outside its creator. If it is to be shared with other people, the better. Upon reviewing these time capsules of thought and creativity later in life, we might feel accomplished, embarrassed, challenged even. And that's the whole point.

So this little stream of ideas got me encouraged enough to finally start this blog which I have been contemplating for a long time. They say I can prove to be quite a complicated person at times. Not that bad opinions have a too consequential impact on me directly, but I do tend to listen to critique. I can't really say that I'm not complicated. More often than not, I fail to understand the complexity of my thoughts. I don't say this with the intention of flaunting… It just happens to be how I feel, and how probably most of us feel if we are willing to admit it.

We, human beings, tend to label ourselves and other things for easier comparison. This is to make sense of the phenomena we encounter. To have some comfort. I don't really like labeling myself nor others because no concept is specific enough to be fairly applied onto any personality. Alas, it seems to be unavoidable. So let's just say I'm a skeptic. I believe in the potential of everything anyone can imagine and more, all while knowing that we all die stupid.* What I mean is that there are more than seven billion of us around this planet – each with Their own little subjective ways of dealing with reality. It is hardly possible that anyone of us knows what exactly is going on.

Thich Quang Duc
* Well, perhaps not all of us.

So, what to do with all these thoughts? I can practice meditation and mind controlling techniques all I want, rogue ideas will emerge to make me question everything that I am. Usually, the bottom lines of these thoughts can be utterly unsettling. In addition, not many people like to have Their own explanations about life shaken. Thus, more often than not, I'm left alone with these thoughts.

Therefore, I'm establishing this cyber Asylum for Thoughts, where my ideas can unfold and my conscious mind can leave them to rest for a while before I pick them up sometime in the future. Since Thoughts (posts) will rest here, all willing Thinkers (readers of this blog) are encouraged to refine them with Their own Figments (comments).

I was thinking about making Terms and Conditions for this blog, but only for a mere second. I don't need that to deal with eventual trolls and spammers. Blogger and Google have Their policies already, and there are so many nonnegotiable T&Cs floating around, that I find it to be quite disturbing. I understand that having millions of users, or even just mere hundreds render a free service nonnegotiable, but this approach opens doors to so many undesired possibilities…

Therefore, I will for the fun of it write a different kind of T&Cs. A universal contract, which could (in theory) be used towards any company that has, for whatever reason, neglected the importance of customized, mutual delight. So there. TL;DR? Too bad.

Terms and Conditions Background

This document
is a proposal of a reply to all the various
"accept or decline" Terms and Conditions out there.
It has the intention to stay as concise and reader-friendly as possible.
First person pronouns ("me", "I", "my" and "myself") refer to the author of
these Terms and Conditions, while second person pronouns ("You" and "Your")
refer to any party reading this document and/or providing services which require
accepting Their own Terms and Conditions to be legally used.

1. By coercing me to accept and/or agree to any Terms and Conditions for using (any of)
Your services, You are causally and automatically accepting and agreeing to my own
Terms and Conditions in return, which are the subject of this document.
2. As it is not uncommon for people to misunderstand meanings and just as You might not be aware of
my Terms and Conditions, You allow me the freedom not to understand or even actually accept the
meaning behind long and legally ambiguous text contained in Your Terms and Conditions, especially if
they are updated without assured notice. Thereby I am free of any legal charge that may be a direct result
of me being subjectively unaware of any policy included in Your Terms and Conditions. In other words:
I am not responsible or liable for any unintentional error, omission, inaccuracy or abuse derived from
a possible discrepancy between Your guidelines and my actions.

3. You are equally authorized to feel the same towards my Terms and Conditions. However, if You choose
to intentionally pursue such a stance, You are consciously creating a potentially irresolvable legal paradox.
4. Harms that might occur as a result of applying my Terms and Conditions do not make me liable for them.
5. To avoid any apparent attempt to gain absolute legal immunity for myself, You are welcome to contact
me in any eventual case of detecting a misconduct on my behalf. My full intention is to respect Your
wishes and to cooperate with You. I expect nothing less in return. If You ever decide to contact me,
please consider giving Your message an assertive and personal touch. Anything authoritative or
unnecessarily official is automatically filtered as spam. Your information sent for such purposes
will not be shared with third parties by me, unless these third parties are even worse with
Their own Terms and Conditions than You and I are. In this unlikely case, You will
most probably be informed of what happened.

You agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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